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netflix profile transfer

Have you heard of Netflix Profile Transfer?

All major tech companies now offer applications that are self-learning. Every user interaction is recorded and stored. Do you click on something, do you look at something for a long time, do you give something a Like, 👍 ... everything is tracked. With this stream of data, the platforms can build an accurate personal profile and while this certainly has a scary dark side, 🕵‍♂️ it can also be very pleasant. After all, nowadays the content offer of many companies is so enormous that some suggestions based on your profile are very welcome.

But what if you have been using an account for years and suddenly want a new account? For example when your relationship is ending or your children are going to live on their own. For many applications, this means that you have to start all over again from the beginning. 😖 Nothing, no viewing or listening history, personal settings and no suggestions.

Netflix recently launched a new feature for this: Profile Transfer. The name says it all, you can transfer your profile to a new account. So you bring your own data.

Is Netflix only doing this for a happy user? 🤗 Probably not, because it also makes it easier to throw free riders out of your subscription. In short: new subscribers for Netflix. 💰But the idea that you can have your own profile is nice. 😀 Hopefully more tech companies will follow and this will soon become a standard feature in all applications.

More info about Profile Transfer:

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash


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