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How much does an app cost?

The development of a custom app costs on average between €5.000 and €20.000. However, the prices vary widely and the costs can also be considerably higher. We will therefore give you more insight in the different aspects that influence the total cost.

Purpose of the app

Depending on the purpose of the app, there are specific requirements and wishes that are must be fulfilled. We usually define 3 types: Prototype, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Business app.




Flutterflow biedt een zeer intuïtieve visuele studio waarmee gebruikers apps kunnen maken door drag-and-drop van Widgets. Dit zijn kant-en-klare bouwblokken die reeds goed zijn doorontwikkeld.


Naadloze Integratie met Flutter

Flutterflow integreert perfect met de Flutter SDK, zodat ontwikkelaars de volledige kracht van Flutter kunnen benutten zonder enige beperking. Flutter kent verder een grote community.


Code altijd bewerkbaar

In tegenstelling tot veel andere No-code platformen blijft de onderliggende code beschikbaar (evt te downloaden) en aanpasbaar. Deze is overigens wel geschreven in Dart (Google) wat een taal is die nog in opkomst is en dus minder mainstream.


Snelheid en efficiëntie

Met Flutterflow kunnen ontwikkelaars apps veel sneller ontwerpen en ontwikkelen dan met traditionele methoden. Herbruikbare componenten en beproefde widgets versnellen het proces.


Snel hosten en publiceren

Het platform biedt one-click hosting en deployment van apps, waardoor je eenvoudig je apps kunt delen met de wereld. Hierbij is ook het werken vanuit één centrale bron een groot voordeel.


Real-time samenwerking

Teams kunnen realtime samenwerken aan dezelfde app, waardoor het eenvoudig is om ideeën te delen en problemen op te lossen. Ook kunnen zowel developers als designers tegelijk in Flutterflow werken.

Existing app or custom app

The development of software and its maintenance is sometimes quite expensive. It's almost always more affordable if you could use existing software that already exists. And there really is a lot of software out there. In addition, you can skip the entire development process and testing. You can start right away and take advantage of the benefits. It is therefore always advisable to first execute a market analysis to see if there might already be a ready-made app that you can use.


The disadvantage is of course that it is not always 100% in line with your way of working and demand. It is often possible to build a piece of customization yourself and to have it communicate with the existing application. However, the latter can result in unexpectedly high costs.

You also need to pay licensing costs for existing software. Often in the form of a monthly subscription. When this is calculated per user, it can also add up very quickly.


If no suitable solution can be found for your company or licenses of other packages are too expensive, it is interesting to develop custom software. This is a longer process, but the advantage is that the software fits perfectly without unnecessary bells and whistles. In addition you are also the owner and you do not pay any license fees.


For several years we've also seen a third option: No code platforms. You then pay a a license for a tool with which you can develop and launch an app yourself without the needs for programming knowledge. Well-known systems are Mendix, Outsystems and Betty Blocks. This market is still developing rapidly and the licenses are often very expensive. For companies that only want a simple app, this is often not a smart choice. However, it can also be cheaper in the long run as you don't have to worry about maintaining the code.

Regular or state-of-the-art

Many features in apps are quite common and therefore affordable to develop. Think of displaying and storing data in a database. However, some features are still quite new and require a lot of time to research and build properly. Think of automatic recognition of patterns, Artificial Intelligence (AI), complex links or location-based services. Such features can sometimes greatly increase costs.

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