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How much does a customer portal cost?

Calculate the costs of a customer portal

Are you considering a customer portal for your company and are you curious about what it would cost?

Use our smart price calculator and receive an estimated price within 3 minutes .

Factors that determine the cost of a customer portal

The prices for a custom client portal vary greatly: € 5.000 - € 25.000. This is because many factors can affect these costs and result in a cheaper of more expensive solutions. Here we will show you how we make a realistic estimate using our calculator and how you can save money on development.


This concerns what a customer can do in the portal and also what you or your colleagues will do in the portal. The name 'customer portal' is in many cases misleading because it is usually not only customers who log in. For example, employees can also create an account to check orders or generate reports. More features makes the portal more complex and this means higher costs. It is therefore always very important to consider which features are really a requirement and which are actually a wish. Often alternative solutions are possible and not everything needs to be in the portal.



Your organization probably already uses various systems such as accounting software or a CRM system. Wouldn't it be nice if these systems were connected to the new portal and automatically exchanged their data?
To make this possible, we build connections. These are separate pieces of code to exchange data automatically, error-free and securely.

However, creating (and maintaining) connections is often expensive. Data structures can be complex and technical specifications (APIs) can change. This means that you should carefully consider whether a connection is really necessary or whether there is another alternative. You can also choose to exchange data manually for the time being and only add the connection to the portal in a later stage.

Number of customers

More customers means more accounts and more data storage. In addition, it means that the servers, where the portal is located, are more heavily used. More customers also often means more complex functionalities because the group of users is more diverse. In a company with 30 customers, it is often possible to handle matters manually, but for larger numbers it is necessary to develop automated features and management functions. The extent to which more customers means more costs, varies per customer portal. We would be happy to help you to make an estimate of this.

Design or standard components

Are you looking for a customer portal that functions perfectly and also looks fantastic at the same time? If so, the costs for development increase. However, the question is, whether a perfect design adds much added value for your customers. Of course we understand that you don't want an old-fashioned appearance, but a state-of-the-art minimalistic Apple-design may not be required.
For most projects we use a set of standard components that are still largely customizable. For example, we can change the size, font, colors, rounding, border thickness or fill color of a button. We can also use an appealing icon set and/or illustrations. Quite a lot actually and without expensive design components.



Saving on costs when developing your own customer portal is absolutely possible, but it does require careful choices. We are happy to help you in this process and support you with practical advice from idea to launch.

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