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Do you have a good idea for an app, but you lack the knowledge or capacity to build it yourself? We are happy to work with you to find an optimal solution. Request a quote now and receive an indication of the costs.

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Vitens RIS transparent.png

The Dutch water supply company Vitens filters residual substances from drinking water that is pumped up from their wells. The residual substances (such as chalk) used to be waste but recently became valuable as raw materials for other industries. Monitoring and optimizing their production has therefore become very important.


In this project Outline Solutions developed a completely new information system with user-friendly dashboards for both operators and managers.


Flamingo fashion

Many different types of goods are traded in vintage clothing retail. Customers bring in personal clothing and items are purchased from a variety of business and private suppliers with different tax rules. However, existing accounting software is either too expensive or not suitable for these work processes.


Outline Solutions has therefore developed a new user-friendly ERP system with very little administrative overhead for employees.


Masking technology

3D mockup van de Masking Studio op een Apple Mac.

Most programs have an ad-hoc and organic way of growing. They work well but are often very hard to maintain or scale. Masking Technology addresses both problems and Outline Solutions designed their new studio.   



The speed of digital development has created a wide range of users. From elderly who are just starting out with online banking to the tech-savvy generation Z. Therefore we usually start projects with an analysis of users. Our goal is an intuitive design where users understand how everything works without explanation.


Technology should serve people. Not only to make people more productive, but also to make them more comfortable when interacting with applications and websites. We therefore adopt a user first approach and will continue to test during a project whether the solution is still optimal for the target group.


The experience of a website or application strongly depends on the extent to which it is intuitively understood. Is the visual communication consistent and logical? Does the response match with what the user expects?

The best applications and websites are 100% intuitive and have a minimal learning curve.


An app or website is often part of a service and fulfills its own role in a broader context. Therefore Outline Solution uses Service Design techniques to understand the challenge from a higher perspective. Techniques we use include Customer Journey Mapping and Personas.



Outline Solutions stands for an approach in which we work from the outside in. We often start as broadly as possible with this 'outline first' approach. Our very first question is therefore: why do you want an app at all?
Sometimes the answer is that an app is not a good investment or that there is already existing software that can do the trick. Too bad for us of course (we love to make things) but we rather add some real value to your company.

Our outline first approach is also reflected in our process. Choices in architecture, programming language or the type of database are important but we prefer to start at the front with interactive prototypes and screen designs. This way we can test how users experience the app without writing even a single line of code.


We often work with a team of freelancers with relevant knowledge and experience. Together we have build apps for various sectors such as healthcare, financial services and retail. A new market or new product? We are always happy to bring our creativity to the table!



Do you want to develop a new app or maybe give an existing app a modern look? Or just have a coffee and get in touch? Please fill in the form below with your contact details.

You can also reach us at or call us on +31 (0) 642018123.

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