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Most programs have an ad-hoc and organic way of growing. They work well but are often very hard to maintain or scale. Masking Technology addresses both problems and Outline Solutions designed their new studio.   

Designing a tool for developers

Masking Technology is a Dutch company that has been building new innovative tooling for developers. There is really too much to tell about their product but in short: most IT projects are going through different stages during their lifetime and most are started by coding software as a monolith. This works well in the beginning but as a the user base grows a more scalable approach is needed which means rewriting most of the code. The Masking Studio enables developers to divide and reorganize their code in a fully flexible way so that none of the code needs to be rewritten in any of the stages. Please visit their site for more information.

The founders of Masking Technology are both great developers but they never spend too much time on designing their online studio. Outline solutions was therefore asked to fully redesign the current studio and improve user interaction. Quite a challenge, because the platform has many features and the concepts of the technology itself are sometimes difficult to communicate.

Screen with popout.png

Testing with interactive prototypes

In this project all user flows were redesigned and optimized in Figma. Outline solutions created interactive prototypes and performed user testing to quickly gather feedback from developers. We received many positive responses from the developers as they both understood the technology as well as the interaction with the new application. The new design is currently being build by a front-end developer.

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